Hardwood Guide

If you call into an Arnold Laver store and mention that you saw this poster on The Great British Woodshop, you can pick up one of your own for free. It has great information about all the common types of hardwood, their characteristics and uses. Great to have in your workshop.

Arnold Laver


We buy most of our timber for the projects from Arnold Laver. They are members of the Forests Forever campaign that protects our natural resources and ensures that the timber we use is from sustainable forests.

When you buy your timber for a project especially if it is going to be for a piece of furniture, you need to make sure that the moisture content of the timber is around 10% to 12%. This means the stock must have been looked after and protected from the elements and Arnold Laver has a great variety of different species of both hard and soft wood in stock. David picks the timber for the projects on the show himself and spends hours at the timber yard looking for just the right piece of wood.